Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property

Want to apply for Loan Against Property In Delhi? Loan Town can help! Whether you need Loan Against Property for your personal or business needs, we are the one-stop where you should head to. With many years of experience in the loan industry, we make the process as hassle-free as possible for you. You can count on our expertise. We work with a commitment to take over all your stress related to documentation, approval etc. Want to apply for Loan Against Property In Delhi? Loan Town can help! Whether you need Loan Against Land Property for your personal or business needs, we are one of the trustworthy firms where you can get the Loan at minimum ROI. 

What Is Loan Against Property?

It is a secured loan provided against property that both salaried individuals and businesses can take. The bank will sanction your loan once you mortgage your residential or commercial property, and your maximum credit will be equivalent to the property's current market value. We offer a secured loan against property in Delhi that is sanctioned against an asset as collateral. Any type of asset can be considered an asset, such as land, a house, or another commercial property. The asset remains as collateral with the lender until the full amount of the loan against the property has been repaid.

Purpose Of LAP:

  • Medical Emergency
  • Home Renovation
  • Business Expansion
  • Business Startup
  • Education
  • Wedding etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Loan Against Property Over Collateral-Free Loans?

Look at the benefits before you Apply For Loan Against Property:

  • Help you obtain a considerable sanction of up to 70% of your property's market value (depends on bank policy and other norms).
  • It’s a secured borrowing option, and hence, it is available at a nominal interest rate over collateral-free borrowings. In short, you will get Lowest Interest Rate Loan Against Property.
  • Its tenure can last up to 15 years, which keeps your monthly EMI and burden minimal and help you get the maximum benefit.

Why Choose Loan Town?

  • Maintain accreditation with several first and second-tier banks, non-banks and other specialist lenders.
  • Help you find the most competitive solutions that meet your requirements.
  • Maintain maximum transparency and ethical practices throughout the process.
  • Have years of experience and professionally manage each transaction.
  • Ensure quality of work and structured path from start to finish.

So, Get In Touch Now!

Whether you are searching for Loan Against Property Near Me or Loan Against Property Provider In Rohini, Delhi, we are right here to help. You can fill out the enquiry form or call us to discuss more.

ROI Based On Property
  • ROI starting 9.25% P.A on Government approved and self-occupied residential property.
  • ROI starting 9.50% P.A on Government approved self-occupied commercial & industrial property.
  • ROI starting 11.50% P.A on without map & self-occupied residential property.
  • ROI starting 13% P.A on without map commercial property.
Processing Fee

The processing fee for the Loan Against Property is between 0.50% to 2%. This percentage is depends on the person profile and his property.

  1. Salaried Employees:
  • Salary coming through account transfer/ cheque/cash.
  • If PF & TDS are not deducted.
  • Salaried employees working in categories A, B, C, D & Unlisted companies.
  • Pensioners
  • NRI
  1. Self Employed
  • 1 year ITR.
  • Without ITR loan up to 30 lacks only.
  • We provide maximum loan amounts to low ITR candidates.
  • Traders, Manufacturers, Freelancers, Retailers
  • Business from home (Online Business)
  1. Candidates with a low CIBIL score.
  2. Rental income in cash & account both are considerable.
Types Of Properties We Provide Loan On:
  • Government-approved & map-approved.
  • Without map property.
  • Multiple floor / flat units.
  • 5ft. Gali.
  • Joda Property.
  • Lal Dora Property.
  • 25 Gaj Independent House.
  • Government-approved self-occupied commercial & industrial property.
  • Properties not approved but with legal registry.
  • Unauthorized colonies in Delhi, having (PM – UDAY) conveyance deed.
  • Government-approved commercial property
  • Non-approved commercial property with the legal registry.
  • Loan against property is provided for a maximum of 15 years.
  • LAP is provided on property up to 70% of the current market value of the property.

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What’s Your Company Profile?

Loan Town is one of the trusted entities for Loan Against Property In Delhi. We have gained a renowned name due to our best loans and financial support services to our clients at the lowest interest rates. Our team of highly trained professionals eliminates all possible financial hurdles in your way to getting Loan Against Property. Our customer satisfaction is our priority. We have complete knowledge about every detail, reduce the stress and complexities of the process and make everything hassle-free.

Do I Get Loan Against Property At No Interest Rates?

No, it is not possible. No one offers you the Loan Against Property at no interest rate. Despite this, we offer you the Loan Against Property at low-interest rates. So If you are looking for the Loan Against Property at low-interest rates, Loan town is the stop station for you.

What Are The Different Services You Offer?

We offer various loan-related services to you. Here is the list:

How Do I Check The Eligibility Of Loan Against Property?

Most of the lenders specify the eligibility criteria for the Loan Against Property. You find those criteria on their websites. So, go through the website, and check the eligibilities there that help you in Loan Against Property application approvals.

What Are The Things I Should Look For Before Applying For A Loan Against Property?

Here are a few things mentioned below that you should check before applying for a Loan Against Property:

  • Check the interest rates for Loan Against Property
  • Make sure to check repayment flexibility
  • Go through the processing fee
  • Check the customer service of a lender

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